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How to verify that a software is set up from the web-page on an iPhone

I do want to develop a web-page, a page that may redirect an iPhone towards the App Store in the event that iPhone does not have the application installed, if the iPhone has the application installed it is wanted by me to start the application.

I’ve already implemented a custom URL within the iPhone application, therefore a URL is had by me for the application that is something like

Of course this Address is invalid, the page is wanted by me to redirect towards the App shop. Is this possible at all?

I get is an error message if I don’t have the application installed on the phone and write the myapp // URL in Safari, all.

Even though there exists a ugly hack with JavaScript, I would personally really like to understand.

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Since far as i am aware you can not, from the web browser, verify that an application is installed or otherwise not.

You could take to redirecting the device to your app, and in case absolutely nothing takes place redirect the telephone to a specified page, similar to this

Then the first row is never executed if the second line of code gives a result.

To help expand the accepted answer, you often need certainly to include extra code to carry out individuals going back to the web browser after introducing the app – that the setTimeout function will run whenever they do. So, I actually do something such as this

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