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Living. Konstantine Roccas: The thing I learned from dating a polyamorous tinder match for a couple of weeks in European countries

By Konstantine Roccas

This past summer time, I experienced the (mis)fortune to do a journalism internship in Greece right while the nation went right down the tubes. It absolutely was mesmerizing and chaotic all at one time.

Internship experience apart, throughout the twilight times of my journey I happened to be ‘Tindering ’ (no pity), and got matched with a lady that has purchased an one-way admission out of l . a . to explore the entire world after the suffocating walls of Los Angeles had become a lot of for her to keep.

Now at this time, this seems like a number of other women who are travelling the planet together with start of a tale of a shitty stand that is one-night this story is truly one of training, adventure, and much more.

You notice aside from being fully a model, actress, journalist, podcast host, relationship advisor, and much more, this girl ended up being polyamorous. You understand, the individuals whom many people improperly label as intimate deviants whom use their identity that is sexual as reason for resting with as many folks that you can.

The odd component is the fact that I’d no recollection of swiping close to her. It should have already been a consequence of the shitty WiFi I happened to be focusing on at that time, nevertheless when I became matched together with her I had no recollection of experiencing swiped, when checking her profile I became quite surprised to see her openly disclose her choice to spot as poly. Continue reading