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Kanye Wests ex-girlfriends and online dating background: Kim Kardashian to Irina Shayk

Kanye West happens to be an individual dude after seven numerous years of relationships to Kim Kardashian. Given that the ink was drying on the pairs divorce proceeding, the father of four features seemingly shifted with a fellow A-lister: Russian-born model Irina Shayk.

But Kardashian and Shayk are far from Yeezys to begin with high-profile partners. Consider a timeline of Wests matchmaking traditions the following.

Sumeke Rainey

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Wests high-school lover Sumeke Rainey am by your rappers part during his own music business come-up.

On his 2004 tune Never i’ll Down, western rapped of claiming Raineys dad that hed marry them. The union never ever involved realization, but together with the set split shortly after he or she receive reputation.

Alexis Phifer

Western set out a relationship developer Alexis Phifer flippantly in 2002, before separate in 2004, just to reunite in 2006. The next time around, western sprang practical question, even so the pair out of cash off their engagement in 2008, pointing out a conflict together with daily life traveling.

Their own secondly separate additionally came shortly after Wests mom, Donda western, died of issues appropriate several plastic surgery operations.

Brooke Crittendon

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The College Dropout artist outdated original MTV helper and ambitious celebrity Brooke Crittendon during their concise split from Phifer. She supported the rapper with his mama with the 2006 Grammys in February, nonetheless pair divide by June.

Amber Rose

Correct his own shattered involvement to Phifer, western began dating Philadelphia stripper-turned-model emerald flower. Their own 2008-2010 connection is seriously covered by the press, as got their own divide.

Rose have since claimed that this bird and Yeezy designer divide caused by Wests curiosity about Kim Kardashian, transpiring to label Kardashian a homewrecker in 2012.

More recently, Rose slammed the idea that she soaked right up any favorable shape from the girl famous ex, saying she sensed bullied by him or her. Continue reading

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