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Plaintiff finished and came back the loan application by facsimile, seeking a $100 loan


keeping preclusion of class action suits will not make contract unconscionable

Overview for this full instance from Cunningham v. Citigroup


Appeal through the Superior Court, Law Division, Union County.


Donna Siegel Moffa argued the reason for appellant (Williams, Cuker and Berezofsky and Trujillo Rodriguez Richards, lawyers; Mark R. Cuker and Ms. Moffa, regarding the brief).

Marc J. Zucker argued the reason for the respondent County Bank (Weir Partners attorneys; Susan Verbonitz and Mr. Zucker, regarding the brief).

Claudia T. Callaway (Paul, Hastings, Janofsky Walker)of the District of Columbia Bar, admitted pro hac vice, argued the main cause for respondent Main Street provider Corp. (Sweeney Sheehan, and Ms. Callaway, lawyers; Ms. Callaway of counsel; J. Michael Kunsch, in the brief).

Pinilis Halpern, lawyers for amicus curiae AARP Foundation and Counsel for nationwide Association of Consumer Advocates (William J. Pinilis, of counsel as well as on the brief).

The viewpoint associated with the court had been delivered by

The major concern presented in this interlocutory appeal, and something that appears to be of very very first impression in this State, is whether a mandatory arbitration supply in a quick payday loan agreement is enforceable. Continue reading