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Self-proclaimed cougars that are urban Melanie Olson, 44, and Christine Spuehler, 44, prowl a club in Highlands Ranch, Colo., May 13, 2009.

Jessica Hunter, 45, is dating Shane Scott, 30. She dates more youthful males, she claims, because “they’ve been like, ‘Hell, yeah, i could do whatever i would like.’ “

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Self-proclaimed cougar that is”urban Christine Spuehler, 44, nabs a hug at a Highlands Ranch club. With increased women that are single 35 — and much more of these with a high income to spend — the term is losing its negative tone.

Sitting at Elway’s glittering club in a slinky dress and strappy heels, Christine Spuehler, 44, is alluring by any measure.

And ageless, t , with blond hair spilling around her face. Guys a decade or two her junior approach as of this famous lounge, known for setting up just as much as because of its frosty martinis and celebrity owner. The Castle Rock girl has dated a few more youthful dudes since breaking up from her spouse 3 years ago.

You can phone her a cougar.

Nonetheless it’s not that easy.

“This is exactly what society handed me,” said Spuehler, chatting on a Thursday that is recent evening. “I was thinking once I was at my 20s, I would personally find somebody and also have a gorgeous life with him while having young ones.”

Exit the husband. Go into the fawning men that are young.

Spuehler, like numerous women that are middle-aged is solitary, economically protected and enthusiastic about love. A generation-minus by some measures, she typifies what pop-culture lingo has dubbed a cougar — a woman 35-plus willing to date guys.

But cougarism is harder compared to the picture that is reductive in shows, comedy monologues plus the snide commentary of office e-mails.

Spuehler is not any lioness preying upon tender antelope. Continue reading