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From Miley Cyrus To Cameron Diaz: 11 A-listers Whom Overshared About Their Particular Intercourse Life


Some of those whole tales are definitely crazy. Celebrities. One they’re that is second maintain their particular personal life under wraps plus the next they’re entering severe information by what truly falls beneath their particular sheets.

Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, and also The Rock have actually all provided an understanding of their particular intercourse life on the full many years, and let’s face it, we’re all way too nosy to really look far from their particular confessions. Remembering a powerful intimate encounter from her teenage many years, Angie informed OK! Mag that she slashed a knife to her partner so as to feel nearer to him. “He slashed myself right back,” she included. “We had an trade of one thing and now we had been covered in bloodstream, my heart ended up being racing.” Starting information about her favourite place to accomplish the deed in, Scarlett informed Playboy: “Everyone loves intercourse in an automobile. If I had been in a truly raunchy mindset desiring one thing crazy and perverted, the rear seat it will be.”

Cameron Diaz

In a job interview with Playboy, Cameron admitted over your shoulder that she enjoys the power play dynamics of sex and said that she’s “primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, ‘Bonk me over the head, throw me. You guy, myself lady.’” During a job interview with Elle, Armie got candid of a incident that is terrifying their ex-girlfriend: “She had been like, ‘True love will leave scars. You don’t have any,” he said. Continue reading