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Ready for the Most Hilariously Juicy Stories We’ve Have You Ever Heard? Meet The Brand Brand New Podcast, ‘Single, Swipe, Repeat’

New!рџљЁ Podcast!рџљЁ Alert!рџљЁ Between us only at Cosmo and our buddies over at Tinder, we now have a lot of not to ever share.

Oh, hi, singles! We come across you hustling on those dating apps—and we’re thinking probs that are you’re if most people are that great exact same group-text-worthy times while you.

Like, have you been the actual only real individual in new york whom gets confused searching for your date in a bar—and accidentally ultimately ends up having beverages using the person that is wrong? Or has any kind of other solitary in Las Vegas additionally matched by having a celeb whom likes to frequent the Strip? And therefore are you legit the only person in Chicago who’s been dumped because your match learned you’re a Cubs fan? Continue reading