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Find out about deep cycle RV electric batteries. RV technology, Reg DeYoung, stocks their knowledge that is in-depth of battery packs


store we have been usually asked, “Which battery packs would be best, 12-volt or 6-volt?” or, “What makes the 6-volts so high priced set alongside the 12-volts.” There are numerous responses to those concerns, and an awareness associated with differences when considering each kind of RV battery pack could be a place that is good begin.

Firstly, we are concentrating mostly regarding the cell that is wet flooded RV deep period battery packs generally entirely on many RVs these days.

The starting or framework battery employed by a motorhome is very various in building, for the reason that it really is made to provide fast blasts of energy or existing tens of thousands of times to your starter motor and then charge through the alternator as soon as the motor is operating on its very own. Continue reading