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Perceptions of main and relationships that are secondary polyamory

Relationship commitment and investment procedures.

Interdependence concept posits that individuals initiate and continue maintaining relationships due to the advantages of interactions in a relationship [28–30]. As relationships develop, the relationship amongst lovers yields results within the kinds of benefits ( e.g. sexual satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, protection), and expenses ( ag e.g. increased responsibility, anxiety or distress, despair, fear) [31]. Rusbult’s Investment Model [32–33], centered on Interdependence Theory, proposes that motivation to steadfastly keep up a relationship may be the item of four factors: (1) investment size, or even the direct and indirect resources ( e.g., time spent, cognitive interdependence, plans for the long term) that represent the methods one is bound towards the relationship; (2) satisfaction, or just just exactly exactly how satisfying the partnership is; (3) quality of options, or even the level to what type believes that one’s needs could possibly be satisfied an additional relationship; and (4) dedication, or the subjective representation of dependency, experienced as a sense of emotional accessory into the partner and want to retain the relationship [31]. Continue reading