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3 Tips that is not-So-Conventional for: think it is right right right here

The perfect dress, the perfect acoustic quartet, the perfect company in late March, my husband and I were married in a scenic outdoor wedding with the perfect weather.

Before that, my spouce and I did everything within our relationship more or less by the guide. Dated for 2 years. Lived together for starters. Proposed for a summer time holiday abroad. Honeymoon in St. Maarten.

And, as planners (he’s an instructor; I’m a journalist), I’m a huge fan of reading articles on the best way to enhance and keep maintaining a pleased, healthier, functional marriage—especially since my moms and dads had been Total Models on what to not Be hitched and Happy (which terrifies me—long-term), along with his moms and dads are Total Models about how to be Functionally hitched (helping to make him ambivalent toward anything—long-term). Continue reading