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26 a-listers that acknowledge they’ve got a break on another pop idol

26 a-listers might admitted they’ll have a crush on another superstar

Specific a-listers have already been really readily available about their crushes on other people a€” who frequently are already Hollywood A-listers.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Cole Sprouse, and Tiffany Haddish posses really all indicated their admiration for other people stars Larry David, Jennifer Aniston, and Michael B. Jordan, correspondingly.

And even rest, like Drake, make no key of these crushes on symbols like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

Here I will discuss 26 a-listers whoma€™ve had everything creating a crush for a some other star.

Jennifer Lawrence introduced in 2014 that this tart held a crush on a€?Seinfelda€? founder Larry David.

Lawrence first of all revealed about the woman break in connection with the journalist and a€?Curb is definitely instabang a genuine internet site your own passiona€? Continue reading