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Recruiting records: Lincoln-Way Central’s Nick Tingley up for the task, chooses to try out both basketball and tennis at Elmhurst

Nick Tingley won’t have much down time at Elmhurst. He’dn’t get it some other method.

The Lincoln-Way Central senior recently dedicated to play both university baseball and golf when it comes to Blue Jays during the NCAA Division III level.

“I’ll have autumn and spring periods for tennis and cold temperatures for baseball,” Tingley said. “I think it is challenging, but I’m up because of it. I’m willing to do what must be done.

“That’s how it is been. I’m always busy playing any sport i could. Having that in university will be something I’m utilized to and I’m excited about this.”

Tingley, a 6-foot-4 guard, stated their recruiting procedure had been driven by baseball. The chance to additionally play tennis, though, had been a major bonus.

“My main sport ended up being undoubtedly basketball,” he said. “Elmhurst had been a fantastic choice happens I was able to play golf there, too for me for basketball and academics, and it just so. Continue reading