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Just how do I know if I’ve applied for a constant repayment authority (CPA)?

If a small business requested the long quantity across your debit or bank card for a frequent payment, rather than your money quantity and type rule, then this really is almost certainly a CPA arrangement.

Another method to discover for those who have arranged a CPA is always to look at your statements to see what’s being released regularly. Any payments that are regular aren’t listed as standing sales or Direct Debits are CPAs.

The most typical cases of CPAs arrangements are for cash advance companies, online DVD rental subscriptions, porn sites, mag subscriptions, gymnasium subscriptions and mobile or satellite tv subscriptions.

Sometimes it is impractical to buy a solution without a CPA, however, if you can easily organize a unique re payment technique using them – standing purchase, Direct Debit or handbook payments – we advice this since it will provide you with more control and security over exactly how when cash is extracted from your bank account.


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