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Beating the Tinder game. 800+ Matches. I’ll probably get banned with this…

Mar 8, 2014 В· 6 min read

Not long ago I embarked for a Tinderventure, during that we learned a whole lot about dating therapy, sex functions, and indigenous content marketing. Below outlines just how i acquired over 800 matches, and the things I discovered along the way.

Note: some readers might feel just like we ‘led individuals on’ or exploited the platform.

Did we lead individuals on? No, certainly not. I’ve had a few great conversations with individuals i might never have otherwise came across.

Did I exploit the platform? Hell yes I Did So.

IMPROVE 10/24/2014:

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This experiment has been continued by me behind-the-scenes since composing this informative article in March. I created TinderHacks 2.0 which includes a much more look that is in-depth what does work on Tinder (most useful pictures, communications, replies, and much more).

Step One: Modify Profile Pics

After reading ‘Made t o Stick’ (aff) I made the decision to test out suggested authority. I needed making it look just as if Tinder had been endorsing my profile. We hoped it could include more credibility and trust, which will cause more matches.

I utilized Photoshop generate a clipping mask of this Tinder logo design.

We duplicated the picture of myself to use being a background image, and used blur and a B&W filter.

I came across a font called Rezland that matched the font that is branded well. It is perhaps perhaps not perfect, however it ended up being near sufficient. From the picture that is first had written ‘match regarding the time.’ Regarding the other pictures, we published phrases that are different were in-line using what I’ve observed to be desirable on Tinder.

The results appears something such as this to individuals who see my profile in-app.

You can view here that the font just isn’t perfect. The ‘d’ isn’t the exact same into the font we utilized, additionally the cross for the ‘t’ can be it looked close enough for this experiment lower…but I still felt. Continue reading