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Can the Difference is told by you between a Cosmo Intercourse Suggestion and a Reddit Intercourse Suggestion?

The intrepid self-proclaimed intercourse savants at Cosmopolitan took a discreet dig during the Web netizens at Reddit by insinuating in a recently available listicle that the “ultra-nerds” there don’t know the way to handle sexy times with a female. That went over about as well while you may have anticipated. It is Cosmo really that far better at giving sex advice than town Redditor? Enjoy our enjoyable interactive game and find out.

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The intrepid sex that is self-proclaimed at Cosmopolitan took a subdued dig in the Web netizens at Reddit by insinuating in a current listicle that the “ultra-nerds” there have no clue how to deal with sexy times with a female. And, well, that went over about as well it would when an oft-mocked women’s magazine mocks a group of men with a lot of power on the Internet as you would expect. But is Cosmo really that far better at offering intercourse advice than town Redditor?

Listed here is the word of advice under consideration:

Which comes from the June 4 article on Cosmo’s site entitled “The 9 men You Must Hook Up With in College — after which never ever Again,” published by Anna Breslaw, whom additionally writes at Jezebel. But any particular one line — “read Reddit advice on the best way to intercourse you up” — comes across similar to a condescending Aww, just how sweet than just about any type of admiration for Reddit or its /r/sex advice subreddit.

And that one line most definitely failed to go unnoticed because of the Reddit community in particular, using the spawning of a thread that is massive over 50,000 votes. “we have actually a standing that is long of switching around every Cosmo mag we see whilst in the grocery line, and so the straight back faces down. Continue reading