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I will be a 22-year-old woman. My dad is definitely Muslim and grew up in Kuwait.

Hi Amy: My own mother had been Roman Chatolic and grew up in the usa (but turned after being using grandfather). I became raised Muslim.

Privately, i actually do not observe the faith, but I do has respect toward it for my personal folks’ reason.

I’m presently in a really major union with a 21-year-old Christian American man, who’s going to be as just as nonreligious since I are. The partnership is really serious, and also now we have talked-about relationship and our very own next collectively just about every day.

Since my mom are extremely committed within values, You will find never ever discussed for them about my favorite union (or around any kind of the earlier commitments).

I am aware they just do not be expecting me to need an arranged marriage, but there is never spoken about it in the past, except as soon as got younger and this was actually when I wasn’t actually able to feel pals with boys (taboo inside the faith, or perhaps my personal father’s vision).

I would like some recommendations on how to overcome the circumstance to talk to them while making all of them understand. As soon as my favorite mother watched a photo of me hugging a man, she said it’d “kill my dad.” We dont choose to disappointed these people.

I realize it will be far easier to start with my own mom, since she actually is the US one, but I just do not possess that style of connection together with her.

Wanting To Know

Curious: centered on simple basic know-how about the issue of Muslim/Christian relationships, while a Muslim dude was allowed to get married a Christian girl, a Muslim female is not at all permitted to wed a Christian husband and keep within the values. Continue reading