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Jobriath. Prior to signing to Elektra for a big amount of money in 1972 as star glam troubadour Jobriath, the best freely gay major-label rocker,

Bruce Wayne Campbell received studied traditional cello, joined up with the Army and eliminated AWOL, worked as a prostitute, and played in cast of tresses. His or her two albums were largely ignored by the time the guy retired to a pyramid-topped apartment on top belonging to the Chelsea motel and tragically passed away of AIDS in 1983, but supporters like Morrissey have assisted spearhead reissues and reappreciation. Though his own records comprise far from the crash hits Elektras hype assured, Jobriath broke down barriers for famous queer musicians who’d adhere. Appreciate them both on hoopla: the two abound in bold Bowie/Reed-style rock balladry, trendy clavinet, haunting chain agreements which he shown on his own to write, and his distinctively mutable keen. Continue reading